Publicación científica: The Use of Narratives in Inclusive Education. Empirical Findings on Disability Status and Situation


This review article identifies how learners are named with respect to inclusive education according to the terms ‘condition’ or ‘situation’. Methodologically, a documentary review of treaties, conventions, movements, regulations and literature specialists was carried out. An approach based on the role played by narrative in the situation of people with disabilities was carried out. The following results of what education should promote can be highlighted: i) to emphasise language because inclusion is naturalised in everyday speech; ii) to analyse educational needs with respect to a condition or situation and iii) to understand that reflections on these terms help to make inclusivity visible. Overall, the use of narrative to accommodate inclusive language makes it easier for society to recognise inclusivity.

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Revista: Kurdish Studies (Q2), SJR=0.15.2022, febrero 2024.